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Another Testament
This musical presentation, the long-awaited follow-up to "From Cumorah's Hill," has parts for choir, soloists, and readers, and focuses on how the Book of Mormon witnesses of Jesus Christ. "Another Testament" features contemporary choir and full orchestra on the Celtic-influenced "Once the Lamb of God," the exciting "Hosanna!" and the tender "I Take His Name," sure to be a favorite with youth choirs. Includes thrilling new solos by Johanne Perry, Cody Hale, Roger Hoffman, and Tammy Robinson.

Songbook includes parts for SATB choir, soloists, and readers. Script by Brad Wilcox.

The Custom Instrumental CD is a karaoke CD without any vocals.
Song Titles
I Wish I'd Been a Witness
Another Testament
Once the Lamb of God
Mighty Miracles
I Take His Name
I Am Another Witness
Another Testament

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