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* Everyday Heroes (4-part)
Based on a talk given by former President George H.W. Bush in Cedar City, Utah, "Everyday Heroes" is an upbeat song about those around us performing quite works of service. This song was performed by almost 10,000 high school kids at the AMERICA SINGS! 10th Anniversary choir celebration on April 29, 1999, in Washington, D.C. Music by Janice Kapp Perry, lyrics by Senator Orrin G. Hatch, and arranged by Greg Gilpin.
Some people have eyes to see
A friend in help of help
They love to reach out to those
Who cannot help themselves

Some people have ears to hear
The cries of those in need
They show us how much they care
Through quiet, simple deeds

Everyday heroes
Live in every neighborhood
Everyday heroes
Helping in the way a neighbor should
Giving just a little time
Sharing just a little love
God bless each one of those
Everyday heroes

Some people have helping hands
That go the second mile
They’re willing to love and lift
A brother for awhile

Some people have hearts that feel
The hopelessness of men
They’re willing to walk with them
Until they’re strong again


Teach a child to read
Help a friend in need
Mend a broken fence
Or a broken heart
Plant a flow’r or two
Give a part of you—
That’s how it starts!


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