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The Sisters of Zion
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"I am pleased to announce that able, worthy young women who have the desire to serve may be recommended for missionary service beginning at the age of 19, instead of age 21..." (Pres Thomas S. Monson, General Conference, Oct 2012)

With those few prophetic words, President Monson seemed to open up a whole new era of enthusiastic missionary service for both young men and young women in the church. In support of this new surge of enthusiasm we are excited to release "The Sisters of Zion" with 40 songs directed toward those young women leaving on missions. In 2002 we released our missionary collection "The Army of Helaman" for all missionaries, but now "The Sisters of Zion" is geared specifically to the women. Janice wrote new missionary lyrics to her song from the LDS hymnbook and it was sung for the first time by all the sisters in the MTC on May 12th of this year.

This exciting recording features vocals from some of the top artists in the LDS market: Daniel Beck, Hillary Weeks, Felicia Gibbons Farerre, Tammy Simister Robinson, Steven Kapp Perry, Johanne Fréchette Perry, Jenny Jordan Frogley, Rebecca Lopez, Kathryn Thompson, Tanya Barkdull, Debra Fatheringham, Roger Hoffman, Lynne Perry Christofferson, Karsten Hunt, Santita Jackson, and One Clear Voice.

NOTE: Eight of the forty songs from "The Army of Helaman" also appear on "The Sisters of Zion," though two of those eight feature new vocal recordings with new lyrics.
Song Titles
The Sisters of Zion
For Such a Time As This
And Whoso Receiveth You
The Book of Mormon Has Come Forth
Song of Testimony
Come to Jesus
I Walk By Faith
How Great Shall Be Your Joy
The Promise
Oh How Lovely Was the Morning
I Marvel at the Miracle
Preach My Gospel
Trust In the Lord
My Willing Heart
I Will Shine
My Place of Prayer
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
When I Feel His Love
I Will Say a Prayer
Like a River

Missionary Medley: The Sisters of Zion /
The Army of Helaman
Like Jesus
By the Waters of Mormon
I Will Stand As a Witness
In the Hollow of Thy Hand
On the Lord's Side
In Quiet Grove
Living Water
I Will Go and Do
Sharing the Light
Gentle Savior
Strength Sufficient For the Day
A Sister's Prayer
To Share the Love
My Star Is Rising
The True Vine
We Are Daughters in God's Kingdom
The Voice of the Spirit
Learn of Me
Praise to the Man

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