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As Temples Fill the Earth
This beautiful collection of 13 songs from the Perry family includes 4 songs from Steven Kapp Perry's "Come to the House of the Lord," his song "The Power of Heaven" (written for the CES), new and traditional temple favorites by Janice Kapp Perry, and 2 songs from Janice's daughter, award-winning composer Lynne P. Christofferson.

The Custom Minus CD is a karaoke CD minus the lead vocals but may have backing vocals on some songs.
Song Titles
Where Is the Place
The Power of Heaven
Teach a Child / I Love to See the Temple
As Temples Fill the Earth
Teach Me About the Temple
How Many Hearts Have Been Turned
Where Earth and Heaven Meet
A Temple of the Lord
Sacraments & Symbols
The Hearts of the Fathers Are Turning
Thy Holy House
The Temple Reminds Me
Look Up!

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