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By Small & Simple Means
This release includes the popular "Save the Family," along with 11 other great new songs. Singers include George Dyer, Felicia Sorensen, Johanne Perry, Tammy Simister Robinson, Jenny Frogley, Randall Porter, and others.

The Custom Instrumental CD is a karaoke CD without any vocals.

The Custom Minus CD is a karaoke CD minus the lead vocals but may have backing vocals on some songs.
Song Titles
By Small & Simple Means
He Was Watching Over Me
He Is the Way
I Marvel at the Miracle
Save the Family
O Fairest Land of Adam-ondi-Ahman
In His Love
As a Shepherd
The Seasons of My Life
It Could Have Been Eden
In Jesus' Tomb
Constant & True
BONUS: Protejamos la Familia (Save the Family, Spanish)

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