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No Greater Joy (JAPANESE)
Nobuaki Irie Sings Music by Janice Kapp Perry
It has been 17 years since Nobuaki Irie first contacted Janice Kapp Perry and worked with her to create the first Japanese album in the LDS market, "Let Me Be a Light." Nobuaki continues to share his testimony of the gospel and his love of singing, this time also singing with friends he has met through the years--Kenneth Cope, Jericho Road (Abe, Justin, Dave, & Bret), Hilary Weeks, and Tomoko Yutaka.
Song Titles
No Greater Joy
My Single Heart
Jesus' Love Is Like a River
There Will Be Light
My Ways Are Not Thy Ways
This I Believe
The Least of These
The True Vine
This Life Is Just the Beginning
What Is This Thing That Men Call Death?
No Greater Joy (ENGLISH)
My Single Heart (ENGLISH)
**Bonus Tracks**
Drop of Blood
Shiny Snow

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