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Each Download Card is roughly twice the size of a standard business card and has a unique code printed on the back allowing the recipient to download the entire album for free from and place on their digital listening device. It's easy to slip a Download Card into a Christmas card that you're mailing or into a stocking for Christmas morning.

The title song "Heal Our Land" was a natural to use as the theme for this patriotic follow-up to the wildly popular "Freedom's Light" CD. Songs honoring veterans, the flag, God and country are sure to inspire all year around. Special guest vocalist Pastor Wintley Phipps sings the title song, which was featured on The Oprah Show following the September 11th attacks, and most recently was sung by Pastor Phipps on the steps of the United States Capitol during the inaugural of Pres. George W. Bush on January 20, 2005. "Someday I'll Fly" recounts the memory of Senator Hatch's older brother Jesse, who was shot down and killed during a bombing run in World War II. "America Rocks" was used in the Paramount Pictures movie "Rat Race." Larry King of CNN calls it ". . . a brilliant CD that belongs in every home . . . Five Stars!" and Steve Young says the music is "magnificent and inspiring."
Song Titles
God Bless Our Homes & Families
Someday I'll Fly (Ballad of Jesse Hatch)
I'm Goin' to Pray For This Land
Put Your Hand Over Your Heart
America Rocks!
Little Bits of Cloth
It Will Always Be America For Me
The Answer's Not in Washington
Four Chaplains on the Sea of Glory
An American Rainbow
Heal Our Land

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